Modular Lighting Instruments has been playing a pioneering role since 1980 in the architectural lighting sector. High-end design lighting by Modular can be found around the world in prestigious projects such as the Phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg (Germany), the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels (Belgium), the Casino at Ostend (Belgium, and in private building and refurbishment projects. Modular sets itself apart from other players in the market through its complex and persistent identity and pronounced drive for individuality. Modular is a byword in architectural circles. Modular has a comprehensive R&D department, which is responsible for the entire conceptual development of new lighting solutions.

Modular N.V. has been part of Philips Lighting since November 2005 and its headquarters are based in Roeselare (Belgium). Modular (UK) Ltd, incorporated in 1999 is a fully owned member of the Atrium Group of Companies. It was in 1992 that Atrium became one of the UK dealers distributing the luminaires produced by Modular NV and over the years which ensued, Atrium grew into the foremost UK dealer of Modular lighting equipment, an achievement which led to becoming Modular NV's sole UK distributor shortly followed by the creation of Modular (UK) Ltd., a new technical and marketing structure within the Atrium Group and a very close strategic partner to Modular NV in Belgium.

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